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Investing with AmeriDream Homes
AmeriDream Homes LLC. Investor Opportunities
​Since 2008 AmeriDream Homes produced a Return on Investment of over 18% per year. Accepting outside investors in 2011, ROI has been above 20%.

Combined with this high rate of return, AmeriDream Homes GUARANTEES that investors will never lose any part of their principal investment. Your faith in us is backed by AmeriDream accepting all of the risk!

Investors are paid after each home is sold. Accompanying this return is a summary of your year to date investment income and your annual ROI report.

There are consistently over 150 foreclosures in the Fayetteville, Hope Mills, NC. area so inventory is never an issue.  AmeriDream Homes key to success is in acquiring these house significantly below market value.

Following strict budget standards and using proven construction vendors, AmeriDream Homes is able to produce high quality, "like new" homes for under $125,000. Similar new construction in our area starts at $150,000 so we have little competition.

These houses are at the right price to attract  young military families and first time homeowners looking for homes in our area.  AmeriDream Homes buys only those houses in the best school districts in the area, further increasing the demand.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
AmeriDream Homes creates quality, affordable homes in the Fayetteville and Hope Mills, North Carolina areas. By offering "Like New" homes at a terrific value, we produce a high demand product that delivers Investors an unbelievable return.