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Gil Jacobs
Gil is a co-founder of AmeriDream Homes. He has been a manager of various businesses for the past 30 years.
Robin Candido
Robin is a co-founder of AmeriDream Homes and has been a Real Estate agent in the Fayetteviile area for 18 years. 
About AmeriDream Homes LLC.
AmeriDream Homes is proud of that fact that while we offer affordable homes, we don't skimp on quality. While our houses aren't new, every aspect of the construction is as good or better than you would receive from a new home builder.

AmeriDream Homes LLC. is family owned and run here in the Fayetteville/Hope Mills, NC. area. Beginning in 2008, our business has grown over 50% per year. We believe our success is because we offer a great product at a great price and stand behind our quality!
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